We have a network of own agents in all Brazilian ports and offer service shipping with efficiency, safety and competitive freight rates. 

The Aurum Freight International has years of experience and expertise in the total import and export cargo by sea transport. In addition, we work with a team of professionals who always seek customized solutions for each client served.

Check out the main advantages of shipping.

  • Transport any type of cargo . The ships are versatile to transport various types of products. Furthermore, the transport through the waterways is already 90% of the most widely used means for sending loads companies.
  • Shipping reduced. Compared to other modes, sea freight is lower, because it is one of the means it consumes less fuel. Moreover, its value can be reduced depending on the amount of load. That is, the higher the load, it may be that the freight further be considered.
  • Great distances . Through the waterways can send loads safely to other countries and continents. So is the means most used for international cargo transportation.
  • Unique paths. The ships can reach unviable locations to other means of transportation, then it becomes a way of keeping them even more competitive rates and terms.

Differential Aurum Freight International

Through our own agents who are in various strategic locations, we offer the best prices, delivery time and customized to our customers options. Also, we cherish for an excellent service and the transport of loads safely. Please contact our experts and learn how we can help you through the shipping.