Customs clearance. After all, how is it done? Rely on the experts at Aurum Freight International to release their goods through customs, agile and effective way.

So that a charge can be released entry into a country, there must come the release by customs territory. This is the final phase of the customs clearance process. We have experts to carry out all stages of customs clearance.

We operate in all Brazilian borders, ports, airports and internal borders. In Brazilian imports, we conducted the nationalization of charges, payment of taxes and mediate the authorizations from the Brazilian authorities.

Order Import

To accomplish the process of customs clearance in accordance with the requirements, always check all the data declared by the exporter. We validate the documents and compliance in accordance with specific legislation.

Registration on Siscomex

So we do the customs clearance Sicomex (Integrated Foreign Trade System) got the import voucher and notify our customers. This document proves the regularity of the country’s goods receipt.

If necessary, request authorization to Brazilian authorities, solving possible eventualities to happen.

From start to finish, we take care of every step of the process, always working with transparency, providing full support to our customers.

Check out each step in the customs clearance:


In the registration stage held the Import Declaration (DI) and recorded by Siscomex. For this to happen, we evaluated all the documents required by law. Payment of import duties is carried out at this time.

Setting Parameters

We follow the automated process of Siscomex and definition of customs clearance channels.

Order to Customs

When processed by Siscomex, ID is sent to a tax inspector.


The tax inspector performs the automatic dispatch process, the examination of documentation and physical. As well as analyzes the declared value for customs. This step of the process takes between 1 and 15 days, always depending on the set channel.


When all tax requisititos are met, the goods are available to the importer.

Ie the customs clearance is carried out in several stages. However, you can streamline all of these processes relying on the expertise of professionals Aurum Freight International . Please contact us, will be a great pleasure to meet you.