ir cargo transportation with quality, efficiency and reliability professionals. Meet the reference work conducted by Aurum Freight International .

We have carried out the national and international air service using fast, safe and efficient methods. We work with the import and export of all kinds of loads. Furthermore, we operate in five continents.

We have highly qualified and trained staff to perform with excellence in all processes related to air transport. We keep our customer informed and clarify all your doubts from the service, collection, to final delivery.

Air Transport – Differential Aurum Freight International

Above all, we value the convenience of our customers and their total cargo security. Always aiming at the lowest possible transport time and traffic, removed the load on your door and deliver to addressee.

Therefore, to carry out this work, we have a large fleet of small vehicles, medium and large. In addition, a full team of professionals.

our Processes

From the service provided by one of our experts, we schedule the collection in place and time determined by the client.

Upon completion of the collection made by car and identified professional, we transport the cargo to the airport for boarding in the company. In addition to caring for the transport processes, we selected the embarkation point for the best within the region intended.

Later, when the order arrives at the destination site, our agents move to the airport to remove it and give it the address.

Emergency loads

For realization of maximum emergency transport or delivery of critical materials, parts, equipment, medicines, among others, offer special solutions. We have professionals for monitoring of goods and partnership with large companies for fast and agile delivery within the stipulated time.

Please contact us, talk to an expert and get to know the work of the Aurum Freight International.