The Aurum Freight International offers a broad array of bonded warehouses in the main Brazilian ports.  

Through our own network of agents and strategic points of bonded warehouse, we offer our customers the ability to perform the direct discharge of cargo and transport between the berth of the ship and the terminal. As in Brazilian export, and storage of the cargo container stuffing with low cost. 

The bonded warehouse has the primary function of receiving import of goods to be nationalized or goods to be exported. 

In them are performed the moving services, storage, dispatch of goods and luggage and also the customs clearance of all cargo that pass there. 

Bonded warehouses. Check out the main advantages of this solution. 

  • Low cost storage, and custom prices for operations. 
  • cargo security. That is, all goods under customs control. 
  • Reduced time of the processes. 
  • Ease of communication with the responsible agencies. 
  • facilitated transit documents and geographical proximity. 
  • Less interference risk from external situations such as surveillance, strikes, among others. 
  • pre-defined costs, plus the guarantee meeting the deadlines. 

In addition to all the security advantages of bonded warehouse, through this solution it is possible to have much more control over the loads, avoiding unforeseen problems with logistics. 

On the other hand, it is also possible to reduce the problems inherent to the distances between the points of production and consumption. 

What is the importance of having a specialist company? 

First there is no single formula that applies to all cases. There are many variables and it is necessary that a specialist evaluate the best option, considering the needs of each client. 

In addition, experienced professionals can ensure the efficiency of the entire logistics process. Please contact us and learn how we can help you